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Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

There are many traditional yearly gifts for anniversaries like paper to the first celebration, and wood to five years spent together. It would be a nice touch to try out and follow this tradition, but it is well-known that all women adore jewel pieces. Let’s talk about long-established presents first.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Every year of your life together is represented with different presents, like cotton, leather, fruits, iron, etc. However, we will focus on the round numbers and give you some gift ideas for a wedding anniversary:

  • Paper for the 1st year. The most simple and romantic way to interpret the idea is to create a hand-made postcard and write the most pleasant thoughts about your feelings. If you decided to add something nice, special, and modern, you can order a customized ring with words embedded in it.
  • Tin for 10 years jubilee. This time, buying a piece of jewelry is the most rational choice. Tin is often used in rings with unusual patterns. You should contact a reliable company to ask them to create something really unique.
  • 15 years – time goes by quickly. The most popular and cute 15th-anniversary gift for a wife is a watch or crystal vase. If you want to be creative, order a perfect piece of jewelry, which has an engraving of your marriage date. Then your wife will realize how much you value this fact, and she will be very happy.
  • Silver wedding. It is quite simple - silver jewelry is not only affordable but also suits any gem and lifestyle. The product itself should be a symbol of your love, so you are free to come up with any design that would reveal your feelings for your wife.
  • Emerald in Platinum. The couple's 20th jubilee symbol is platinum. A nice touch would be to add emerald. It is a gemstone, which symbolizes aristocracy, wisdom, and elegance. It symbolizes 55 years spent together. So you can show your partner your happiness to live with her for more than half a century.

How to Choose Jewellery

Don’t wait for the round date – every year you face challenges and get happy moments. This is worth celebrating by giving your beloved woman a piece of jewellery. Which one to pick?

  1. Ring. A woman who prefers gemstones will appreciate such a present. She wants to get the possibility to look at the gem on her hand and enjoy it. Each mineral has its own meaning. Some stones are suitable for a certain sign of the Zodiac. In different cultures, some gems may be amulets or they can symbolize certain character traits, such as wisdom, kindness, or calmness. Think about what you want to convey with the present;
  2. Bracelet. This accessory is suitable for women who lead an active lifestyle. Some models are almost imperceptible on the hand and they do not interfere with movements. Choosing bracelets as presents, you may find many diverse designs; they come in a variety of types. You should consult with a jeweler to find out which accessory suits you according to the appearance and price range;
  3. Necklace. This jewel is more impressive than the others. Some dresses don't reveal their potential until the girl's neck is adorned with an eye-catching piece of jewelry. Many unusual designs of pendants have been customized to match your significant date: the infinity symbol, the heart, and so on;
  4. Earrings. A standard jewelry set consists of two to four items. If you notice that your wife has a favorite bracelet or pendant, you can order matching earrings. It will be an original and pleasant surprise.
  5. If you have an idea or desire to surprise your sweetheart, you are welcome to visit the Elgrissy Diamonds Company. We find an individual approach to each customer, listen carefully to wishes, and choose something that will be the perfect accessory to express affection. Our mission is to create a physical embodiment of love.