Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Anniversary Gifts for Him

There is nothing more significant than your wedding anniversary. Such a romantic event is a big celebration of sincere love and devotion. You have come a long way together, experiencing difficult and happy moments while being close to each other. When it comes to gifts for anniversaries, your boyfriend or husband may be shy to talk about special desirable presents.

Presents with Deep Meaning

Traditional jubilee gifts like paper as a 1st-year symbol and pieces of leather after 3 years together are well-known. However, let’s see how it is possible to modernize this old tradition:

Paper. We think that many couples give postcards with pleasant words to their soul mates on this day. If you want to start your own tradition of making personalized gifts for him on a wedding anniversary, start with a customized ring or bracelet with meaningful engraving on it;

Leather. Many men's bracelets have a leather attachment. Usually, such accessories have different significant and sweet inscriptions. Either way, such a bracelet looks stylish and manly;

Copper. Seven years of life together is symbolized with copper. The material is used to make beautiful jewelry, usually, in a folk-inspired style. It is possible to buy an original band that suits your husband’s taste;

Diamond. A 10th anniversary is a reason to be proud. Your beloved person has been diligent in selecting a unique engagement ring and wedding bands for you. Now it is time to express your gratitude by giving him a diamond ring. Diamond is an elite and beautiful stone that symbolizes strength and courage;

Gold. The 50th celebration of your relationship is supposed to include the purchase of golden jewelry. A great idea would be to get a golden signet on his thumb or a gold chain. Don't hesitate to show him your sincere feelings.

The list of possible presents could be endless. All the ideas listed above are not exclusive to a particular date. Your relationship is valuable, and there is no matter how long you've been together. Don't wait until ten years have passed to give him a diamond. Demonstrate your fondness and devotion without special days.

How to Pick a Gemstone

If you decide to give him a unique band or bracelet, it's time to consider whether the precious stone will be used. Most men's rings are laconic in design, with a minimum of ornaments and small details. However, at the same time, there are a lot of impressive signets with large crystals symbolizing masculinity. Let’s pick the best gem for your significant partner:

Blue Sapphire. An expensive mineral that symbolizes good luck and wisdom. It is often used by jewellers because it is scratch-resistant and rich, deep color. Your man will adore such royal-looking stone;

Labradorite. It is a well-known gem because of its healing powers. It is believed to relieve stress and anxiety. Usually, it is dark-coloured, with blue, brown, or other shades;

Red Ruby. A cherished favourite stone of royal families. A powerful talisman that protects against bad luck and symbolizes the strong feelings of the one who gives it. It fits great in the golden frame. It is a standard but excellent choice;

Amethyst. Almost everyone likes this gemstone. Its unique deep purple colour is eye-catching. Amethysts are not rare, and relevantly affordable when it comes to bigger sizes;

Citrine. Light orange mineral, which symbolizes youth and energy. This beautiful stone will make the owner feel happier just by looking at it;

Diamond. An unchangeable classic of the jewel industry. This perfect stone symbolizes not only purity and deep affection but also strength and courage. Such a generous gift will delight any person.

There are many creative gifts for men on anniversary but nothing beats custom jewelry. Elgrissy Diamonds team is ready to help you pick the best design that will show your passion and loyalty.