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Earring Jewelry Guide

Diamond earrings bring out the lovely charm in a woman and create a scintillating aura. Earrings are unique pieces of jewelry that are subtle as well as distinct in appearance. The process to buy diamond earrings online can be tricky if you don’t trust the brand and are unaware of the frauds that can happen. We keep getting queries such as where to buy diamond earrings from, how to verify the quality, which design is best for me, the pricing and many more. Therefore, Elgrissy Diamonds has created a buyer’s guide for you so that you can choose the most suitable diamond earrings at the best price without any worry about their quality.

Follow Our Buyer’s Guide to Shop For Diamond Earrings:

Select Your Budget
1. Select Your Budget

Yes, we know women are looking for the best quality diamond earrings but also want them at a fair price.

At Elgrissy Diamonds, you can select the price range so that you don’t go overboard. Choose earrings that suit your budget. Depending on each person’s factors, the key elements to assess when choosing the right earrings include: Buy only quality, branded, and matched earrings.

2. Choose Your Design

Women love variety and we have so much variety in the diamond earring designs that you will go wow. Choose the earrings depending on the occasion, style and look.

Elgrissy Diamonds offers fascinating designs which are unmatched in quality. We have studs, hoop, drops and many more ethereal diamond earring designs to ensure women have endless choices to select from. ‘Studs’ are some of the most versatile earring types and can provide you with an array of choices when shopping. ‘Hoops’ can add a beautiful touch to add flair to any outfit and come in many unique styles and metal types. Most Hoops are metal and feature a base of a precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum. ‘Drops’ earrings are one of the most unique earring types and can be as stylish as you want them to be.You can choose your designs based on the occasion as well.

Choose Your Design
Select the Diamond Type
3. Select the Diamond Type

For a woman, diamond earrings are not just a piece of fashion jewelry but a status symbol and a way of expressing herself to the world. Hence, the type of diamond is very important. These are the top grade diamond types with 100% certified assurance.

4. Select the Metal Type

The metal of the diamond earrings is also essential to its overall beauty. Higher the carat, the better the quality. When you are considering which kind of metal for your next piece of earring, think about how the metal choice affects your budget, how its weight feels in your ear, how much maintenance is required to keep the metal looking good, and even whether you could be allergic to the material.

Select the Metal Type
Select the Diamond Color
5. Select the Diamond Color

The color of the jewelry can also be an essential factor when buying jewelry because this will determine how it looks on your body. In other words, if your skin tone is dark brown or black, go ahead and buy earrings made of white gold or yellow gold because these colors will look great on you. However, if your skin tone is light brown or white, then get earrings made up of warm colors.

6. Quality Certificate

Elgrissy Diamonds provides the diamond purity certificate to our customers so that they can shop stress-free and craft a pair of earrings that will listen to your heart’s desires.

Quality Certificate