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Engagement Ring Guide

No two diamonds are alike, so what makes one diamond more valuable than another?
To better understand it we need to dive into the 4CS of diamonds:

Understand 4C of Diamonds
1. Understand 4C of Diamonds
  • Carat - A Diamond's weight is measured in Carat. A diamond costs more because they are more rare.
  • Cut - A Cut represents the Diamonds Quality. Perfectly cut diamonds will reflect and refract light for maximum brightness and sparkle.
  • Clarity - More clarity means more purity. Higher a diamond's clarity means more valuable & rare it is.
  • Color - A Diamond color ranges from D (Highest) to Z (Lowest). Most expensive diamonds are colorless.
2. How to Select Perfect Engagement Rings

We think that every woman- or men-to-be is unique in their own way. So when it comes to buying an engagement ring, it’s important to choose a ring that appeals to their special sense of individuality.

First and foremost, of course, your partner’s personality and style must be allowed to shape the process. But before you begin your search, it’s important to also know the characteristics of an engagement ring. The following practical engagement ring guide contains all you need to know, including help on choosing the right diamond size, cut, shape, ring setting, metal type and style.

Our Engagement rings are brighter and more vibrant because we craft them that way. Our engagement ring is a true design masterpiece. The timeless beauty of the engagement ring is in its balance of dainty charm and opulence.

Select Perfect Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Budget
3. Engagement Ring Budget

The purchase of an engagement ring is the perfect way to express your enduring commitment and desire to spend the rest of your life with your one true love. It is the ultimate symbol to mark the start of your Forever journey together. There is a tremendous amount of anxiety around saving up for and financing an engagement ring—especially among Gen Z and Millennials.

So with that in mind, we can help you smartly budget and save. This is an entirely personal decision based on affordability and your other priorities in life. Whatever you decide your engagement ring budget should be, it is the meaning behind your purchase that is the most important thing.

4. Precious Metal Type Guide

One aspect of choosing the perfect engagement ring is ensuring you have the perfect metal for your diamond to truly radiate and complement your partner.

Our Engagement ring is crafted with only the finest materials, ensuring you a lifetime of value. Learn more about the variety of metals, we offer to find the one that is right for you. First Visualize how it will look when it has been set into a ring. When choosing the best metal for rings is the color of the diamond, or diamonds, in your engagement ring.

If you are buying a loose diamond, place the diamond on the top of your hand and compare it with a similar diamond already mounted in jewelry. White diamonds will look great with all metal types, but coloured or ‘fancy’ diamonds will be best enhanced by white gold or platinum, as the hue of the coloured diamond will contrast with the color of the metal ring.

Precious Metal Type Guide
Choosing Right Engagement Ring Size
5. Choosing Right Engagement Ring Size

To get the perfect ring size from the start, try to figure out your partner’s size ahead of time by measuring another ring in her jewelry collection or using a free ring sizer. If the ring fits well, it may make it feel like it’s the “right ring.”

6. How to Take Care of a Your Engagement Ring

Avoid touching the center stone at all costs. Diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for dust, dirt, and body oil. For washing just drop it into a mug of warm water mixed with a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Bleaching & other harsh chemicals can harm your ring.

How to Take Care of a Your Engagement Ring
Get the Right Certificate
7. Get the Right Certificate

The most reliable laboratories in the diamond industry are the GIA and IGI. Both of these labs provide accurate, reliable and consistent gradings of factors such as Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity and more. We highly recommend making sure that you’re buying either IGI or GIA diamonds.