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Read an article below to learn all you might want to know on how to
buy matching jewelry to surprise someone special.

Planning a Proposal: Catching Loved One by Surprise
Planning a Proposal: Catching Loved One by Surprise

Asking someone to get married is a truly special time which is usually marked by buying a stunning diamond engagement ring or heart shaped diamond rings of the right size and preferable shape to guarantee a perfect fit. However, apart from this, it might be a good idea to take your time and plan where and how you’d like to propose.

Even though it’s not a simple task to plan everything ahead of time, the right approach will definitely make things easier to buy a diamond engagement ring. The next tips may come in useful when getting ready for approaching event:

  • Location matters. In fact, memories about how you’ve made an offer for a diamond engagement ring or where your wedding was held will most probably be cherished for many years to come. A great way to turn the proposal into an unforgettable event is to choose the location. It could be something meaningful like a place where you first met or had the first date. Another great idea is to cook a romantic dinner at home or find some exotic place somewhere around.
  • Prepare your speech beforehand. Think of what you’re going to say and how sincere your words are to give a diamond engagement ring.
  • Take into account personal preferences before you actually buy a specific diamond engagement ring. Today, the assortment of diamond stone engagement rings is really diverse. To ensure that your choice is right, a good idea would be to find out each other’s tastes and preferences in advance.
Choose Ring Size

Learn what size is needed for a diamond engagement ring. If you want to catch your partner by surprise, the easiest way to learn what size is necessary would be borrowing a diamond ring your loved one already has. Just because most women like wearing diamond rings on middle fingers, a smaller size will fit better. It would also be great if you let the partner try it on so as not to mix up the sizes by mistake.

Even if you have already picked one of the lab created diamond engagement rings, you can still ask experts to give some advice. To personalize the design, consider ordering a custom diamond engagement band instead of purchasing a ready-made one.

Choose Ring Size
Ring Type
Select Favorite Metal Type

Our company provides a wide selection of jewelry created with customer wishes in mind. This also refers to diamond engagement rings for women and their fiancés. Even though all presented samples are made from different metals like white gold, silver, yellow gold or platinum, they may also differ according to shapes, elements of design, embellishments, styles and sizes.

Regardless of what you wish to get, the choices are almost endless. They range from real diamond engagement rings decorated with dazzling stones to plain and less expensive ones suitable for any budget.

Select the Ring Shape

Shapes of diamonds are also numerous, giving men and women a chance to pick their favorites and get hold of truly unique diamond engagement rings. The most popular shapes usually include the following:

  • Princess-cut
  • Oval-shaped
  • Cushion-cut
  • Traditional round
  • Heart-shaped
  • Halo-framed ones, etc.
Ring Shape
Quality Certificate

Pricing may also differ depending on the features and characteristics of specific jewelry. Types of stones presented on our site are always of great quality and look simply astonishing being specially designed to fulfill the dreams of couples.

To guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, many jewelry items are available at a lower cost. In this respect, diamond engagement rings sales are a good way to find amazing options at a reasonable price to impress a very special person in your life.

Final Words:

Proposal is a great time giving a chance to enjoy the magic of your time together. No matter how and where you want to propose, the main issue is to ask the person to take a step forward and make a commitment lasting for a lifetime. At the same time, purchasing the best diamond engagement rings with glittering stones is a way to show how strong the relationship is. Feel free to check out all offerings and propositions on our site.