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Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings: Main Features and Characteristics

Are you thinking of getting an emerald cut ring to propose to someone special? In fact, there are many reasons why it has long become everyone’s favorite. Thus, the rectangle shape makes the stone larger while the cutting adds a perfect mix of elegance and glamor.

Besides, such emerald cut rings & wedding rings often have a classic design ideally fitting any special occasion. If you are interested in buying a similarly gorgeous emerald cut engagement ring, it’s better to first determine what kind of emerald cut engagement ring will suit the person you love. It mainly includes clarity, size, color and pricing.

Designs are always different. Solitaires or one-stone bands have smoother lines than the rest of settings, whereas mixing with baguette stones, for instance, maximizes the emerald cut engagement ring brilliance. To find something truly exquisite, we’ve gathered everything you should know in relation to emerald cut engagement rings.

Looking glamorous, beautiful and unique, the emerald cut engagement rings have a well-balanced design. Any ring of such kind represents a fascinating choice for anyone who wants to showcase their personality and stand out from the crowd.

Main Things to Consider When Buying a Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut engagement rings often become the sought-after pieces due to their distinct beauty and intricate peculiarities. Before selecting an emerald cut engagement ring, it’s better to first find out the price and select the preferable faceting.

  • Does an emerald cut engagement ring cost a lot?
  • Such gems are usually not as popular as others, and they are generally more expensive. It all depends on emerald cut engagement ring quality and carat weight.

  • What cutting to pick?
  • No matter whether you’re seeking an emerald cut bridal set or exclusive proposal bands, selecting the style is still very important. However, engagement rings with emerald diamonds look amazing disregarding the cut so getting the one you need is only a question of personal taste.

Although many emerald cut engagement rings look simply adorable, the most sought-after settings are solitaire and halo.

Where to Get the Dream Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Our site offers a wide variety of emerald cut engagement rings & cushion cut diamond engagement rings also available in different designs, from elegant and modern to vintage inspired ones. With over 50 years of history, we keep manufacturing gems of perfect quality and offer only exclusive emerald cut engagement rings designs to meet individual wishes of clients. Check out the full collection and you’ll definitely find the emerald cut engagement rings of your dream!