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Oval-Cut Proposal Rings: What Makes Them Special

Do you wonder why purchasing an engagement ring with an oval diamond is a proven way to show real passionate love for the fiancee? In fact, such jewelry is usually distinguished by elegant rounded shapes that are a bit oblong and relatively large. Such a kind of diamond makes fingers seem slightly longer than they really are; while the diamond has a lot of facets that make it more sparkling.

Collections of beautifully handcrafted oval-cut diamond jewels allow a big assortment while their pricing could pleasantly surprise you as most options here are less costly than others. Moreover, unique features of design and various individual specifications often turn them into highly popular and much-wanted types of oval cut engagement bands. Select a solitaire rings and simple engagement ring for our exclusive engagement rings.

Read on to learn why an oval cut engagement ring is worth getting the piece with the oval-shaped center stone if you’re planning to propose.

Reasons behind the oval cut engagement ring popularity

Apart from all the luxury and glitter, you may find numerous reasons to admire the oval-shaped style of oval cut engagement ring. The first thing to mention is the traditional look mixed with a totally exclusive and contemporary touch.

Despite the incredible popularity and prevalence of other variants, engagement rings oval shape demonstrates a truly special style and a contemporary twist making each piece a desired option for many couples. As a rule, an oval cut engagement ring such a shape is a bit larger disregarding what carat weight it has. Moreover, your fingers will look a bit longer than usual.

Luxurious handcrafted oval cut engagement rings & princess cut engagement rings keep growing in popularity mainly because they embody a perfect mix of beautiful design and startling brilliance. Shining and elegant, the curiously embellished gemstones are always of exceptional quality so you’ll definitely have countless reasons in favor of purchasing something similar for your beloved beautiful bride.

Customized Oval Cut Engagement Ring Creatively Designed for Couples

We offer a wide assortment of oval cut engagement rings custom samples with meaningful and stylish details and extraordinary characteristics. Oval cut engagement rings are not only exquisite but can also be made according to your own specifications to help you get exactly what meets your tastes and preferences.

Moreover, the advantages of engagement oval diamond ring bands are almost endless, while customization as a service helps to add something exclusive to their designs. As a result, you’ll get the desired oval cut engagement ring with totally unique characteristics including:

  • sophisticated details;
  • beautifully crafted setting;
  • top-quality metals and carefully chosen materials;
  • uniqueness and elegance in every aspect;
  • high-quality center and side gems.

In contrast to various widespread oval cut engagement ring models, the diamond engagement ring oval is often considered as the symbol of everlasting devotion. In the majority of cases, such oval cut engagement ring bands usually have a lab-grown one-stone setting although it entirely depends on individual customer preferences.

Check out a spectacular collection of oval cut engagement rings at our store. We offer a full variety of exceptional oval cut rings for weddings and proposals to guarantee that the oval cut engagement rings & necklaces your choice bring only happy moments to you and your life partner.