Solitaire Rings and Simple engagement ring

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Solitaire Rings and Simple engagement ring

A beautiful band, chosen according to personal preferences, is the best gift for every girl. However, the accessories intended for engagement have a special meaning. It is the material embodiment of a symbolic, very touching custom - the decision to live together.

The design of modern accessories symbolically intertwines the traditions and customs of different times and peoples. Today, in special stores it is possible to find both classic variants and original ones. The classic engagement rings (you have the possibility to learn about them here) are worth considering if you do not want to fail with the selection. They will fit and satisfy any girl without exception.

So, one of the varieties of classics is considered to be an engagement solitaire ring. This kind of jewelry mostly consists of one big gemstone as a symbol of fidelity and a bezel of different widths. Originally, such accessories appeared in the West. Over time, the fashion for them spread to other countries.

Parameter selection

The Western standard suggests a product with a single large diamond. In most cases, the price of diamond solitaire rings depends on the properties of the mineral. Gold has a small influence on the price. However, you need to choose the right color of gold to keep your sweetheart’ happiness:

  • white - favored by persons of fresh trends;
  • yellow - the tried-and-true choice, the most traditional decision;
  • red - for connoisseurs of traditions or admirers of this kind of gold.

Platinum has also recently become popular. It is a precious metal that occurs quite rarely in nature, so jewelry made of it is valued quite highly. So, platinum as a material for simple engagement rings or wedding solitaire rings is surely a good option. The only thing you should pay attention to is the pricing. Such accessories are slightly more expensive than other variants.

If we talk about a brilliant inlay, the optimal size is 1 carat. Round-cut stones are considered to be traditional, but nowadays it is most common to have a more interesting design. The choice of a really gorgeous gemstone is very important. You must realize that the main accent is put in the center of the ring. Remember, the attention of both your fiancee and people around her is always going to be directed at the gem, so it is better not to skimp.

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