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Necklace Jewelry Guide

The Necklace is considered to be the most special & precious jewelry for women. To highlight their beauty, they choose gorgeous pieces of Necklaces that can make them look more beautiful & expressive. Thus, to achieve your desired look, you need to choose impeccable pendants & necklaces that complement your neckline & style as well. There are a variety of necklaces available in numerous shapes and forms. Gold necklaces are the oldest forms of necklaces, and are very stylish. Diamond necklaces and gemstone necklaces have become very popular and are very classy and elegant.

Necklace & Pendant Guide
1. Necklace & Pendant Guide

Pendants, necklaces and other kinds of neck jewelry designed for complementing the image of any woman, deserve special attention in the world of jewelry. If you want to buy a necklace or a pendant wisely, for them to reveal good taste, pay attention to several details while choosing this or that piece of jewelry. A pendant, also referred to as a necklace pendant, allows all of the attention to focus on a gorgeous diamond, pearl, or gemstone. Diamond pendants are extremely popular and stylish.

This guide will help you with the task. Here you will find the information on:

  • What pendants and necklaces suit different people?
  • How to choose a chain for a pendant?

2. Choosing a Right Pendant or a Necklace

The pendant shouldn’t weight more than the chain, the correlation can be maximum 1:1. In case you ignore the rule, the chain may get worn off and broken. Then you’ll simply lose the jewelry.

The color of the pendant should match the color of the chain. For example, a pendant of white gold can be worn only with a chain of white gold, silver or platinum. The chain shouldn’t distract from the pendant. It’s better to choose chains of simple styles.

Choosing a Right Pendant or a Necklace
Styles of Metal Chains
3. Styles of Metal Chains

Metal chains can be worn casually, and go with everything. They are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of the chain types are bead, byzantine, cable, and rope. Sterling silver chains and gold chains are extremely popular, and are generally worn with a pendant.

There are unbelievably many kinds of chains, which differ from each other due to various styles. What depends on the style of the chain? Both its weight and strength depend on the feature. What style to choose? It’s more reasonable to buy the chains, which can be easily bent in different directions. Such chains will be solid and perfect for wearing both light and heavy pendants.

4. How long should a Necklace be?

The right length is another important criterion for choosing a necklace. The necklace of the perfect length will emphasize the beauty of your face and figure. You need to choose the length of the necklace considering the few parameters: how tall a person wearing it is, what face shape and neck the person has. But let’s be consistent.

The length of the necklace can range from 16 to 36 in’. This variety of sizes is usually divided into two categories – short and long ones:

  • Collar and Choker: 30.5-40cm or 14-16”
  • Short or Princess Necklace: 40-47cm or 18-20”
  • Medium or Matinee Necklace: 47-60cm or 20-24”
  • Long or Opera necklace: 60-75cm or 28-34”
  • Very long or Rope necklace: 85-100cm or 36-42”
How long should a Necklace be?