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Wedding Ring Guide

Selecting a beautiful wedding ring should be a luxurious & wonderful experience for the couples. Your wedding ring should last a lifetime. Here we answer all your questions, explain the meaning of a wedding ring, and help you determine how to choose the right metal for your wedding band.

Wedding Ring Symbolize
1. What does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

A Wedding ring is a symbol of beautiful commitment in a relationship. It's a sign of true love & fidelity between you & your partner. A Wedding ring makes the marriage official. Wedding ring proves to be the symbol of love & attachment.

It may signify that the man or woman is married, but it is also considered a symbol to show her affection towards her love. It has been said that the vein of the fourth finger of the left hand is directly connected to the wearer’s heart. Do you know, what does that mean? It means, once you are wearing the ring on your ring finger, you both are connected by your hearts, and no one can split you into halves until eternity.

2. Wedding Ring for Him & Her

Husbands and wives would usually wear similar looking wedding rings. So when it comes to buying a wedding ring, it’s important to choose a ring that appeals to their special sense of individuality.

First and foremost, of course, your partner’s personality and style must be allowed to shape the process. It’s important to also know the characteristics of a wedding ring. The metal you choose for the ring makes a lot of difference in the whole look and feel of the ring. Know your partner's preference and decide amongst gold, silver, rose gold or white gold.

Platinum for that matter is another great option for wedding rings. Our Wedding rings are brighter and more vibrant because we craft them that way. You can opt for a diamond wedding ring and customize it as per your budget.

Wedding Ring for Him & Her
Right Wedding Ring
3. Metal Guide to Choose the Right Wedding Ring

Your wedding rings will be something you’ll wear on a day-to-day basis. This means that it will be exposed to everything that you do with your hands. It’s a good idea to choose the right metals that will work best for your lifestyle.

For example, if you work with harsh chemicals every day, it’s best to shop for a platinum wedding ring. If you work with a lot of heat, it’s best to avoid gold or silver as these are soft metals. If you have very sensitive skin, you can choose metals that are hypoallergenic.

4. Finding the Right Design for You & Your Partner

If you have an idea in mind for a custom wedding ring? Custom design experts will also be at this event to assist with creating a unique style, enhancing, or transforming a ring into a remarkable piece that highlights the devotion of a one-of-a-kind love journey.

Right Design for You & Your Partner
5. Budget

Pricing is determined based on the current market value, metal content, and weight (grams) of your wedding ring. Remember this is hopefully a once in a lifetime purchase!

In some cases just a little bit extra might get you something substantially better. On the other hand, if you see a combination that comes in slightly under budget but provides a better value then go for that and pocket the difference!