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Women’s Wedding Bands

After a heart-warming engagement, every couple meets exciting times to plan the big celebration of love. While two lovebirds are enjoying positive emotions and planning their future together, some aspects of the upcoming event need to be discussed.

Wedding bands for women with diamonds are a big deal. It is hard to choose appropriate jewelry, the design of which will satisfy both the groom and the bride.

How to find the best offers

Here are some ways to make your search easy and efficient:

  • Take the engagement ring with you. Many wives prefer to combine two bands. It is better not to buy at random, but to see how the combination of these jewelry pieces looks;
  • Give yourself time. This is a responsible process that takes time. You should not start your search at the last minute. The ideal time is three months, especially if you want to purchase a custom product;
  • Pick a size. As a rule, we advise you to buy one size larger. The skin on your fingers is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so, they can sometimes swell up or, conversely, become thin and dry;
  • Make some research. Study this topic carefully. That way you will feel more confident in your dealings with the jeweler. Your knowledge will help you better understand what you want to buy;
  • Communication is essential enough. It's always pleasant to surprise your beloved person. However, when it comes to a piece of jewelry, it is significant because you should wear it often. Some couples wear rings every day for decades. It is better to go and choose the perfect models together.

Shapes of diamonds

Certain shapes of gemstones might cost more due to their complicity. There are special statistics on sizes and forms, and their impact on pricing. These are the most popular cuts of diamonds:

  • Princess;
  • Cushion;
  • Heart;
  • Pear;
  • Marquise;
  • Oval;
  • Emerald;
  • Asscher;
  • Radiant.

Based on statistics, it is possible to say that the most affordable forms are Cushion, Asscher, Pear, and Emerald. The price varies depending on the number of carats, however, the round shape remains the most elite and costly. Usually, fancy-cut gems are 20-40% less high-priced, and at the same time used frequently in wedding rings for women.

Although round-shaped stones are chosen more often, other types of faceting can bring a completely different look for a product, and enhance it visually. Since we are talking about unique women wedding bands, it is important to ask your beloved person, which shape is preferable.

Design Tips

Have you decided to purchase something unique? If so, you need to determine what kind of design you are interested in. In any case, the thickness of the rim, additional fine details, and the placement of gemstones should be discussed with a specialist. However, we do have ideas on how you can prepare and roughly understand the kind of product you want to create:

  • Seek ways of inspiration. There are many platforms with pictures of any kind, like Pinterest or Splash. You can look for a suitable option on the online sites of various famous brands;
  • Be different. Don’t worry if they don’t match - you and your fiancee are separate persons, too. Jewelry is a demonstration of your union, however, it does not have to be identical;
  • Choose the appropriate metal. Gold, platinum, titan – there are many alternatives with their pros and cons. Think about your lifestyle and the desired aesthetic of the final product. Platinum and other silvery metals look very modern, while gold is good for vintage and classical looks;
  • Choose a gem. The size, shape, and weight of gemstone will have an impact on how a professional will handle the placement of the stone;
  • Create a concept. If you are good at drawing, you can make a sketch and share your vision with your partner. Some companies offer a wax model service as a preliminary demonstration.

Benefits from cooperation with our company

Our company has been growing and developing for decades. We have had many customers who search wedding rings for girls of their dreams. After grueling searches, they have turned to us. We value every client and have a huge experience in these questions.

We try to create the best symbols of love on the current market. Our online store has detailed catalogs of finished pieces as well as diamonds individually - both natural and lab-made. Wedding women’s sets can be customized by our creative jewelers.

If you have any questions about women’s wedding rings and other products, you can contact us and get a free consultation. We will be happy to help you and your soulmate.