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GIA Certified

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One Year Warranty

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Elgrissy Diamonds New York

Located in New York, Elgrissy offers beautiful GIA-graded natural diamonds and our exclusive lab grown diamonds at affordable price. Cherished for your unique beauty, diamonds are the ultimate way to mark your moment and create a sparkling memory.

New York Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you find diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands for your love? Your Journey Begins Here! Our selection of beautiful designer ring styles in our New York jewelry store. Select from the rose gold, classic solitaries with traditional round cut diamond and princess cut diamonds, vintage settings, halo framed asscher cut or cushion cut diamonds in 1 carat, 2 carat or go bigger.

Browse New York’s largest inventory of diamonds and much more at affordable price, so you can find just the right piece for telling your unique love story. We offer online and in store diamonds collection from engagements, to weddings, to anniversaries, and beyond, we can help you create the ring that says it all. Our professional gemologists also provide diamond education and guidance to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to confidently choose their perfect diamond. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality fine jewelry and customized diamonds in our store.

Elgrissy Diamonds & Jewelry As Unique As You

Located in New York, jewelry store Elgrissy Diamonds offers a great and largest collection of GIA-graded natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds at affordable price. Whether you’re looking for custom jewelry, custom rings, custom designed fine jewelry, engagement ring best prices or beautiful designed engagement rings, we will construct creative solutions to bring your vision reality. All our jewelry of custom design, including diamond rings, earrings and wedding bands are all made in New York. We are presenting you an exclusive choice of exquisite jewelry in diamond and precious gemstones, which will take your luxury imagination to the next level and beyond. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them make an informed decision. Our extraordinary collection spans timeless styles to the latest!

Diamond Custom Engagement Rings

Engagement rings, like any other kind of jewelry, come in many different styles. Traditionally, an engagement ring is what’s presented during a marriage proposal, it symbolizes devotion and commitment to the beloved partner. Bring your love to life with a handcrafted design that perfectly suits your relationship, budget and style. Our expert artisans will pour their passion into every detail of your beautiful custom engagement ring. Our extraordinary collection spans timeless styles to the latest trends—solitaire engagement rings, vintage-inspired, halo designs and more.

Who we are and Where to buy Diamond Ring

Elegress Diamonds is a New York based company and diamond retail & wholesale business, with 52 years of experience in offering wedding rings and providing a seamless experience for our clients. We are a family-owned and operated jewelry company run by a certified diamond expert, dedicatedly serving many satisfied customers worldwide.

All our mined diamonds are GIA-certified. We provide GIA certified diamonds at affordable prices. Our jewelry, including diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, rose gold rings, earrings and fine jewelry are made in New York. We've made the process to create a custom piece of jewelry easy with our Build Your Own Diamond Jewelry tool.

We proudly offer handcrafted engagement rings that are made and quadruple-checked. Our diamond and jewelry experts ensure the quality of Elegress diamonds and jewelry before they ship, so you can feel confident that every piece meets our industry-leading standards. One of the underlying principles of our company is having a close relationship with our customers. Express your appreciation for the finer things in life, with a stunning design that was made just for you, with impeccable craftsmanship.

Custom Diamond Rings & Diamond Rings in New York

Diamonds are among nature’s most precious and beautiful creations. Each piece we create is unique, whether it is a simple custom diamond ring, 2-carat diamond ring or a classic diamond bracelet, undergoes a multi-stage quality control system. Match your engagement ring with a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings and a stunning necklace. Best price, best quality guaranteed to help you pick the best value jewelry pieces. Gold diamond rings often become part of family history and romantic history and the beautiful warmth of yellow gold make it a perfect choice for any engagement ring.

Jewelry and affordable engagement rings created by jewelry store Elegress Diamonds set the tone for trendy fashion and become part of the intimate stories for people around the world. Our one of a kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry can't. Brightest selection of custom jewelry available, the brand offers both elite pieces for the most sophisticated reception and more affordable but no less luxurious versions of diamonds.

Wedding Bands & Diamond Rings in New York- Find the Perfect Ring

Complete your look with the perfect wedding band! Choose from classic, vintage or modern styles in beautiful white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. Simply elegant or beautiful - it’s up to you! But that doesn't mean that choosing a man's ring is an afterthought. A man's wedding band should also be luxurious and fabulous.

Discover our stunning collections of wedding bands and engagement rings to find a ring that's symbolic of your brilliant love. Our professional jewelers store pieces to suit any occasion and taste. Elegress Diamonds jewelry store provides first-class diamond rings in New York to make sure that the jewelry becomes a part of your history. Your enduring love deserves a symbol that’s just as beautiful!

Unique Pieces of Jewelry

Discover the incredible collection of diamonds at our store, the most important thing we have is the opportunity to create and continue the tradition. We sell certified diamond rings, offer great diamond prices and we create wedding bands that you wear for life, making sure that your choice reflects your style, budget, and personal preferences.

How to Select Diamond - 5 C’s and best place to buy engagement rings

Our company strives not only to create beautiful jewelry but also educate our customers. The more you know about diamonds, ring designs the better you can distinguish beautiful pieces and wholesale engagement rings.

Choosing a diamond has been likened to choosing a life partner: one must tread with care. You select the right place to know about diamonds. Our main goal is to know about 5 C's to our customers. 5 C's: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. okay now you ask what about fifth C? The fact is that the first four C's are accepted by jewelers throughout the world. The fifth C, caring, is what sets us apart.

You always see pushy salespeople in all the showroom but in our showroom you will never see that type of salespeople and all the meetings are one-on-one in a relaxed atmosphere. We as a jewelry affordable in New York make the stressful and challenging process of buying diamonds and diamond engagement rings in New York an enjoyable experience for you.

Why Choose Us To Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Here at Elegress Diamonds, we offer breathtaking diamonds along with first-class personalized services. If you are confused to choose which ring is best suitable for your occasion, you can visit our showroom located in New York to try on a piece of jewelry that catches your eye.

Are you looking for best custom jewelry in New York or the best platform to buy engagement rings, contact us without a doubt. You can meet with our team of consultants, dedicated to making the jewelry buying experience enjoyable, memorable and easy again. We don’t look at our clients as paychecks, we look at them as a part of our family, who deserve the very best that they can get for the money they are comfortable to spend. Our mission is to take customer service to a new level, and to make every client feel like they have the exclusive jewelry buying experience. We bring perfection to each of our work because our primary goal is to bring you joy.

Diamonds Are Waiting For You Here

Elegressy Diamonds collection of fine jewelry and diamonds showcases rare and luxurious pieces personally chosen by our experienced curator and also chosen by customers. Our graduate gemologist concierge will be your personal contact through every step of your acquisition to ensure that you get exactly what you desire. You may call or email our concierge directly and she will answer any questions that you may have so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Our primary mission is to provide you with a personal jeweler experience without paying. After more than 15 years in the jewelry industry, the specialists at Elegress Diamonds know exactly what is suitable for each individual client and always provide a personal approach. We want our clients to feel secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands. So if you find yourself typing " diamond jeweler near me" or "certified diamond" into Google, you should definitely check us out. Here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the diamond ring's price and the fantastic personal we will give you.