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Selecting a Perfect Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

Nowadays, teardrop engagement rings are growing in popularity at a rapid speed and the reasons are countless. In fact, pear shaped engagement rings are marked by both unique and sophisticated details making them ideal for those who are not afraid of demonstrating personal style and expressing individuality.

Due to multiple exclusive elements, pear shaped engagement rings often become a great choice of your customized jewelry. That’s because they represent a combination of rounded and square elements making fingers a bit longer and creating a truly elegant look.

In the vast majority of cases, such pear shaped engagement rings are crafted in a solitaire gemstone setting which is a classic and relatively cheap option. In this regard, the most expensive decorative element is the center gem itself. Available in all sorts of shapes and styles, you’ll definitely have much to pick from allowing you to customize the pear shaped engagement rings the way you like and add a personal touch to authentic design.

What Are Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Exactly?

Teardrop diamond engagement rings are most commonly known as pear-shaped or brilliant cut types thanks to the specific shape of center diamonds themselves. They usually resemble rounded stones like oval and marquise ones.

Different settings mainly vary by shape. Thus, pear-shaped ones are rounded from one side and pointed from another. Thanks to these and other reasons, pear shaped engagement rings are deemed trendy and unique as an excellent option for festive events. Furthermore, some of these options look slightly stubby while others produce a completely opposite effect so the choices are all yours.

Picking the Best Women’s Pear Shaped Engagement Band

With a whole myriad of options on offer, selecting the gorgeously designed pear shaped engagement ring for a special person is never easy. In fact, pear shaped engagement bands may vary by:

  • Price and budget of pear shaped engagement bands
  • Quality of center stones
  • Type of metal
  • Style and design of pear shaped engagement bands
  • Presence of custom features.

No matter what criteria you value most, you’ll have to consider numerous factors so whatever you decide to buy pear shaped engagement rings is within your budget limits and fits your individual tastes. This way, teardrop diamond rings can easily become your next best choice and also our diamond engagement rings are the best choice for your occasion.

Where to Get the Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Finest One?

Classic tear-like cutting is frequently used as a beautifully crafted side stone setting especially in proposal rings although yellow and white gold earrings and pendant necklaces often have it too. Regardless of what piece of pear shaped engagement rings you select, pear cut faceting helps to make it eye-catching and attractive adding a special touch to the overall look.

Elgrissy Diamonds provides a wide variety of stunning bands, earrings, pendants and other types of jewelry for festive occasions in life. Customization as an extra service will help you purchase exactly what you want at a highly reasonable and affordable price. With us, it’s always easy not only to choose one of the pear shaped wedding rings but also change the band’s design according to your individual preferences and requirements.

As a result, personalized features are always a great way to turn the dream pear shaped engagement rings into a really exquisite piece of jewelry and add luxurious details to the original design. Check out the full collection of fascinating pear shaped proposal bands on our site and get started.